At The Hittner Group, we focus on the intersection of business, public policy and the law. We have the experience to help businesses do business with government – from the council chamber, to the courthouse, to the statehouse – and everywhere in between.

Like many firms, we routinely handle litigation and appeals. But unlike the others, we also help clients develop and manage business-to-government relationships and even get involved in elections on behalf of candidates and issues.

Our professionals are not only skilled advocates, but they also know the nuances of navigating the judicial, executive and legislative branches of local, state and federal government.

Mr. Hittner has been an attorney in a large private law firm, worked as a government lawyer, and has handled cases that garnered intense media scrutiny.  He possesses a keen understanding of the complicated relationship that exists between government and business.  George Hittner has served in various governmental and private sector legal and political capacities, including most recently as general counsel for a corporation that constantly wrestled with high-profile issues at the state and local levels of government.

In helping your business or your cause, we can provide the following:

  • Litigation Strategy
  • Government Investigations
  • Election Law
  • External General Counsel Services
  • Strategic Government Affairs Consulting
  • Negotiations
  • Mediations

Whether it involves an individual, a business or a cause, The Hittner Group is ready. From routine matters to full-blown legal crusades, our attorneys have the knowledge you need and the experience you can trust.