Jim McGrath, Partner/Co-Founder, Begala-McGrath LLC

George Hittner is one of the smartest and most tenacious people I have ever met. Once he set his mind to achieving something, no matter the challenge, he has a unique ability to get the job done. Trust me: when the bullets start flying, you want someone with George’s many strengths in your foxhole.

Jim Grace, Texas Lobbyist/Lawyer

I was impressed with George Hittner’s effective representation of business clients in the halls of government. He’s a potent advocate when commerce and politics meet.

Vanessa Soriano Power, Partner, Stoel Rives, Seattle

George is a triple threat. He brings to the table sharp legal skills, keen legislative insight, and a natural instinct for politics. To top it off, George has an uncompromising work ethic and knows what it means to be the client. George is a tremendous advocate.

Michael Kubosh, Houston City Council Member, and Houston Red-Light Camera Opposition Leader

George showed legal wisdom and the ability to tackle the big issues head on. George is very disciplined and determined in court and I found he was always able to willing to talk about issues even when on the opposite side.